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Quality hardware from such companies as Cisco Systems, HP, Senao (En genius), Redline allow our clients to implement networks with peace of mind. Of course, there are always cheaper alternatives available in the market, but the cheaper brands cannot guarantee the reliability of their products and are often the cause of subsequent network failure in years to come. Symphony Solutions believes in forming long lasting partnerships with all its clients and as such, always recommends the best quality for network deployment.

Networks are systems which often have life spans of over five years and as such need to be reliable as they increase in size. By paying more to begin with, you are adequately paid back in terms of the maintenance money saved over the years, as the network ages.

Backbone Connectivity & IP Trunking
Private Networks
Voice over IP
GSM Backhaul

Voice over IP

SYMPHONY network can transmit voice traffic anywhere in the world using SYMPHONY Satellites which cover 98 percent of the Middle East, Asia and Africa, enabling a wider reach for clients.

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